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An interdisciplinary work by René Mosele

Absence of Function

Turn on the sound



Silence. No confrontation with any external influences. Searching for musical meditation. Social media is supposed to pro­vide inspiration at the push of a button, but a neutral state of consciousness seems to be an important foundation. I take a step back and begin.
My first musical ideas emerge on the harmonium, a rather antiquated keyboard instrument. It has served as a decorative dust catcher in the studio for some time and, although I admire its idiosyncratic sound, it has never been used in my work, until now.
This is perhaps mainly due to the his­torical tuning: 435 Hz. Compared to today’s tuning of 440 Hz, it seems too low. However, it only takes a neat trick to get around this problem: playing the instrument slowly and playing back the recording faster. I like that. This intermediate step forces me to work slowly and with concentration.
Over a period of months, I create musical compositions that I publish as an album, together with a book: Absence of Function is music and photography. The photography is the bridge between the music and the source of inspiration: the harmonium. The harmonium as a thing, as a hand­ crafted object.
I begin to dismantle this hun­dred­-year­-old instrument and metic­ulously document it. How does it work? How is it con­structed? I disassemble it entirely and put it back together again, part by part. Completely. The circle of work is closed.
I have redistributed the hundred­-year-­old dust and created new sounds. I have held over 500 individual parts in my hands. Each of these parts has a function that serves to create a sound. But don’t ask yourself about the function, ask yourself what it triggers in you.
René Mosele, spring 2022


The Music

All music composed, arranged and produced by René Mosele
All Instruments played and recorded by René Mosele, Zurich January – April 2021

except Drums, Frame Drums and small Percussion played by Mathias Künzli recorded by Eliyah Reichen, Basel May 9, 2021

Mixed by Dominik Burkhalter & René Mosele Mastered by Dominik Burkhalter at Dopemixes

All music © René Mosele, SUISA 2022

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The Book

First Edition - Limited to 100ex
Numbered & Signed

All images © René Mosele 2022

Artist book by René Mosele

Publication Design: Jörg Schwertfeger



All images are available as prints

Limited series of five prints per image

Available framed, 50 x 60cm with a beautiful black wooden frame from Halbe Ramen.

Personal delivery by the artist within Switzerland


Absence Of Function
Artist Book
First Edition - Limited to 100ex
Numbered & Signed

60.- S
60.- EU

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Shipping in CH 7,- Shipping to Europe 12.-

Shipping to rest of the World est. 15.-

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Absence Of Function
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This project is kindly supported by the city of Zürich

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